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Bitdefender BOX 2023 (Free Shipping & Setup Assistance)
Bitdefender BOX 2023

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Get the Best Price for the NEW Bitdefender BOX 2023 Including Free Shipping to USA or Puerto Rico & Free Setup Assistance

Introducing the New Bitdefender BOX 2023
Bitdefender BOX 2023 is one of the revolutionary and first of its kind box that provides internet security solution. It includes cloud, hardware, and software and it is created to protect your smart home and your family. No matter where you go, your mobile devices are fully secured with Bitdefender Box guaranteed cyber security and privacy. You will great peace of mind with its use. Whether you are using public Wi-Fi or mobile network, Bitdefender Box will protect all your devices.

It will not only protect your laptop and desktop but also all those devices that are connected to the internet. With the use of Bitdefender Box, you can secure your Smart TVs, Smart Phones and home appliances like gaming consoles, Wi-Fi thermostats and much more.

What's new for 2023?

URL Blacklist - There are many bad websites on the web. Bitdefender Box will track those websites. Bitdefender cloud checks the outbound connection where our URL is a blacklist of insecure websites. We have the best database related to malicious locations available on the internet.
Vulnerability Assessment - It will scan for hidden backdoors and weakness into your home All your network security flaws will be scanned, identified and highlighted by the Bitdefender BOX and it will also check the unsafe or poorly encoded communications, defectively secured management ports with default or weak passwords and hidden backdoors. When something is found by Bitdefender BOX, it takes the action. After comparing the data or information that it collects from your device along with online susceptibility databases, it sends you a detailed report that includes tips to secure your network from the definite vulnerability identified.
Security for the Internet of Things - If you use Smart TV, Smart Phone, and a laptop, then you live in a smart home. If you use wireless security and video baby monitor the Bitdefender BOX got your covered. All Smart devices that are connected to the internet are insecure and need security. Bitdefender BOX protects all your internet connected devices.

Control or Access the network of your home from any place - With Bitdefender, you will not only get the control of your internet connected devices but you get the control of the whole network in more rough, device by device level. You get notification of the ongoing events in your network and you can also check and manage all your devices remotely. It allows you to find your lost devices, remotely update or install OS updates, set limits to data roaming, identify system issues, improve the performance and tune-ups, and always keep your network safe through the use of your Smartphone.
Award-Winning Cyber Security Protection - With Bitdefender BOX, you donít need to look for other software security products as it provides complete security with our award winning antivirus software. It will protect all your devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, Mac OS, tablet-across Windows and Android platforms. You can use Bitdefender BOX with an unlimited number of devices and benefits from its Total Security subscription.