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iolo System Mechanic Pro 2016 - Unlimited PC's / 1 Year
iolo System Mechanic Pro 2016

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iolo System Mechanic Pro 2016 - Unlimited PC's / 1 Year for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP

System Mechanic Pro presses further in expanding and enhancing the capabilities of your PC. Next generation enhancements to LiveBoost™ real-time responsiveness technology turn your computer into a nimble tool completely customized to your specific needs. Expanded Windows customization settings provides a more complete system control experience with a deep lineup of diagnostics capable of monitoring all facets of your PC’s health. We’ve worked hard to add diagnostic, configuration and performance improvements and to provide you with the best and most intelligent version of System Mechanic ever produced.

World's most popular Ultimate PC Performance Package with over 50 features to optimize your Windows PC for better performance: Privacy Cleaner, PC Cleanup, Stability Guard, LiveBoost, and more.

System Mechanic Pro designed for Windows users and recommended by experts as the best solution to clean, fix errors and speed up your PC.

System Mechanic Pro 2016 Key Features:

• LiveBoost™ Technology - Blasting through any barriers on your PC and enabling “performance at the speed of though”, LiveBoostTM Technology even performs with modern aggressive apps that attempt to take over all your PC resources.

o OptiCore -
Unchains the complete power of your CPU for real-time requirements.
o RAMJet - Immediately frees trapped memory precisely at the most critical moment.
o AcceleWrite - Re-organizes files on both solid state and traditional spinning hard disks to achieve fast and optimum access.

• Super Control Panel - Fully customize Windows to your specifications with a multitude of clear settings in the master menu.

• DriveSense -
Using precise sensors and gauges, this robust hard drive-monitoring tool delivers information on various facets of hardware health, including internal temperature.

• Core Data Recalibrator -
Making it’s debut in System Mechanic, Core Data Recalibrator refreshes and heals corrupted Windows information.

• Stability Guard -
Always on guard and proactively monitoring your system, Stability Guard catches and isolates stability threats from rogue program and hidden configuration changes. • CRUDD Remover - Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers (CRUDD) Remover™ hunts down and removes archaic / duplicate programs and apps that clutter your system.

• Windows 10 Certified -
New System Mechanic has been specifically built to enhance the performance improvements in Windows 10 while simultaneously eradicating legacy issues shared with previous Windows versions, from XP to Windows 7.

• Tune-up Definitions -
Tune-up Definitions™ enables System Mechanic to individually adapt it’s diagnosis, repair and optimization tool for any PC configuration, delivering one of the kind solutions for new performance hazards using ActiveCare technology.

• Guided Recommendations - melds together a trifecta of powerful technologies; Tune-up Definitions™, TrueImpact™ and the collective experience of the System Mechanic community to yield advice and assistance in eliminating further PC performance bottlenecks from additional hidden programs.

• Startup Optimizer - Start-up Windows notably quicker by removing unnecessary or hazardous start up programs safely.

• Patented ActiveCare® Technology (US Pat 7,873,877) - industry-first breakthrough (of many) contained in System Mechanic, ActiveCare has a new simple configuration with setup profiles enabling you to implement 1-click maintenance options to the entire PC without the frustrating guesswork.

• Designated Drivers - Keeps your PC nimble, current and stable by automatically updating critical drivers.
• SSD Accelerator - Consolidates, organizes and extends the life of modern solid-state drives, maintaining peak performance levels.

• Program Accelerator -
Improves and hastens overall program responsiveness by re-ordering the complete catalog of program file dependencies on the hard drive.

• Unlimited PCs - Whole Home License - No longer limiting usage in the home, our first ever, one of a kind license allows use on ALL home PCs, no matter how many you have for the ultimate value and performance experience.

• Internet Connection Repair - System Mechanic’s new Internet Connection Repair technology recognizes bad net connections and harnesses a prescription of unique technologies to repair the connection and reconnect your computer. Internet Connection Repair also assists in keeping the connection clear, fast and as stable as possible.

• DriveAccelerator - This lightning fast, full-featured disk defragmentation tool has been designed to work seamlessly with the patent pending Technology of Program Accelerator™ and AcceleWrite™ to thoroughly optimize critical data and hard drives for speed and stability.

• EnergyBooster - Gives your PC a speed boost by disabling unused background programs.

• Total Registry Revitalizer -
Fix errors, compress, defrag, and back up your windows registry all in one shot.

• Incinerator® for Recycle Bin - Incinerator® is now a unified part of the Windows recycle bin, presenting you with a choice of regular file deletion or the Department of Defense 5220–22M compliant technique for total security when emptying the recycle bin.

• System Mechanic Jump List - Provides real-time access to important information and features such as system status, Memory Mechanic®, Energy Booster™, and more.

• PC Health Status App -
This app was developed especially for the Windows 10 tiled user interface. The PC Health Status App tracks system efficiency and health status and provides you critical information at a glance.

• Memory Mechanic -
Instantly re-categorizes RAM and frees resources trapped by memory leaks.

• Privacy Cleaner - Not only clearing the cache, it uses military grade incinerator® data shredding technology to thoroughly eliminate any trail of activity potentially left remaining in over 45 locations by Windows, browsers, medium players, and more.

• All-in-one PC Cleanup PowerTool - Has been tremendously improved with additional junk file patterns, fresh methods for detecting and eliminating insidious system clutter, and faster scan speeds.

• Smarter Boot-Time Tune-ups - Some of the most important Windows system files such as the page file, the Registry hives, and the master file table, are locked by Windows and can never be defragmented using conventional defragmenting tools, but System Mechanic’s Boot-Time Defragmentation can defragment these special files conveniently before Windows loads.